Lorna Geer featured in Rooi Rose

This collection of articles is your easy reference to interviews between Lorna Geer and Rooi Rose reporters Mariette Snyman (winner of the Pfizer Mental Health Journalism Award 2012/2013) and Deonette de Kock.

You can download the original Afrikaans article in pdf format.

I also plan to make English summaries available here over the coming months – watch this space!

Understand your teen’s mischiefs

Download: Verstaan jou tiener se streke
Teenage behaviour seems like an absolute mystery to grownups. And yet – there are actual changes happening in the teenage brain that influence or cause the behaviour that often leaves us of older generations speechless. Understand this, and you are better prepared to understand adolescents or teens!

Hypnotherapy – answers from the unconscious mind

Download: Hipnoterapie – antwoorde uit jou onbewuste
Hypnosis often seems like a mystery, and uninformed rumours or outdated opinions based on incomplete information leave many of us a bit sceptical at best, and very afraid at worst. And yet – in the hands of a trained and seasoned specialist like psychologist Lorna Geer, you are not only completely safe, but you have access to a tool that offers improved therapy, with better chance at lasting change, AND lower cost of therapy as it can substantially reduce the number of sessions required. The article includes an interview with a client who describes her experience with hypnotherapy.

Maths and test anxiety

Download: Wiskunde en die wrede werklikheid
Maths anxiety, test anxiety and exam anxiety are not only very regular challenges of our time, but also have much in common! And – there are solutions available that work. With her maths and science teaching experience, uniquely combined with decades of helping learners overcome anxiety, enables this Centurion psychologist to offer you insight and solutions.

Weight control – get your sub-conscious mind on your side

Download: Gewig – kry jou onbewuste aan jou kant
Weight gain and weight loss are challenges that are not that easily overcome – ask anybody who has tried dieting and exercise programmes – often without success. The sub-conscious mind can play a huge role in the effectiveness of weight gain and weight loss programmes. Getting your sub-conscious mind on your side, and success might just finally be within your reach.

Your child’s self-image

Download: My kind – skep ‘n sterk selfbeeld
Your child’s self-image is such a fundamental building block for their future! Much of their future behaviour and achievements will depend on a healthy, balanced self-image. Learn how you can help form and strengthen your child’s self-image early in life.

The unborn foetus shares an expecting mother’s feelings, emotions and experiences

Download: Baarmoeder vol broosheid
You may be amazed to discover the effects of an expecting mother’s emotions, experiences and feelings on her unborn foetus, and how it influences them after birth. Tucked away in their sub-conscious minds, these early memories are stored very much the way it was experienced before birth – without the context or benefits of their later experiences and learning – from where it can continue to surface as raw, and seemingly unexplained emotional reactions or behaviour later in life. An experienced psychologist can help access and re-process these early memories with the benefit of today’s knowledge – setting one free from the patterns that were created in the brain of the unborn foetus.

My partner in therapy – solution or gamble?

Download: My maat kry terapie
It is not always a simple matter when one partner undergoes therapy, as it can leave the other with questions, having to deal with unanticipated changes in the other partner and in their partnership. Dr Lorna Geer explains some of the dynamics that sometimes arise between partners when one of them undergoes therapy.

Cyberchondria – help is at hand

Download: Kuberchondrie
Dr Lorna Geer explains cyberchondria (anxiety concerning the state of one’s health, brought on or intensified by visiting websites), its origins and its treatments. Internet research and diagnoses can help, but it can also harm. This article sheds light and offers solutions to help us deal with this reality when we notice it in ourselves or in our loved ones.

Love and age difference

Download: Liefde oor die ouderdomsgrens
When people with a significant age difference commit to a relationship, they often need to deal with unexpected challenges once the relationship is ready to settle into the comfortable, safe and stable shared space that the human psyche seeks. Lorna Geer explains what can happen, and how it may best be dealt with.