About therapy

Do I need therapy?

People go into therapy to start untying their personal knots and solve their emotional issues. Therapy involves the process of re-examining and dismantling problem aspects of the self and then reshaping and rebuilding from the inside out. The goal of therapy is to make the unconscious conscious and therefore bring behavioural and psychological patterns and repetitions to light. Seeing the patterns for what they really are, we could understand their cause, release them and then reintegrate them back into our unconscious mind in a resolved state.

Most people come into therapy in an attempt to rid their personalities of what they perceive to be undesirable aspects. But in the process, rather than get rid of parts of themselves, they learn to work with the troublesome areas and reintegrate them in a new way. Getting to know ourselves is one of the more rewarding and powerful adventures we could have.

Sometimes we see the therapeutic process as sort of a psychic diet in which we come in overweight and leave slimmer, with less psychological baggage.
Do I need therapy - in a nutshell...

The objective of therapy is to achieve change, for the better. We develop, deal with problematic matters in our lives, and grow. It is a constructive intervention. If you want these benefits with the aid of a specialist, you do want therapy!
Dr Lorna Geer
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Last updated on 15 Jan 2018
Counselling Psychologist
Centurion, Pretoria