Intermediate Intensive Training in Medical Hypnoanalysis

In the Fundamental course participants were taught to make the Conscious Diagnosis as part of the analytical phase.

The purpose of this Intermediate course is to teach participants to make the Subconscious Diagnosis, integrate it with the Conscious Diagnosis and to formulate therapy goals from this double diagnosis. This will give psychologists direct access to repressed traumatic incidents quickly and deal with it effectively in order to make this psychoanalytical process cost effectively and put it in reach of more people.

History taking and making the Conscious Diagnosis will be done. The different syndromes will be discussed as well as ways to identify these syndromes. The word association exercise and its origin of free association (psychoanalysis) will be introduced and demonstrated. Interpretation of the word association exercise and making the Subconscious Diagnosis will be discussed. Practical examples will be used to help participants gain experience. The “false memory syndrome” regarding hypnosis will be discussed at length.
Dr Lorna Geer
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Last updated on 15 Jan 2018
Counselling Psychologist
Centurion, Pretoria