About hypnotherapy

Aim of hypnotherapy

The main aim for using hypnotherapy (as opposed to talk therapy) is to identify the negative emotional connections in the subconscious mind, break these negative connections, and utilise the positive emotional energy of the client's subconscious mind to allow intentions for change to take effect. In this way most psychological problems could either be alleviated or solved.

Comparing hypnosis to a magnifying glass which focuses the sun's rays making them more powerful describes what happens during hypnotherapy. Hypnosis focuses and concentrates the mind and you are able to use your mind more powerfully. This leads to awareness of information not readily available in the conscious state. It sometimes happens that you consciously know exactly what to do to solve a certain problem, but it appears that something from deep inside prevents you from doing just that - resulting in the persistence of the problem (stick to a diet or stop smoking). It is as if some force from within is working against your logical mind and your better judgement. This inner force is your subconscious mind. In hypnosis you have direct access to your subconscious mind and all the deep seated negative emotional connections. You have the power to break these connections and replace them with positive connections working to your advantage, which is the real value of hypnotherapy - putting you in control.

Benefits of hypnotherapy
Hypnotherapy will help you to understand yourself and other people better. You will learn to cope with your problems more effectively. Often clients refer to the hypnotherapy process as "growing up". At last they are able to overcome the ongoing fear that an abusive childhood has started and move ahead living a life free from the past.

What happens in therapy?
You remain in control and aware during every session while the therapist guides you into hypnosis and helps you to identify the root cause of your problem by means of a specifically designed word association exercise and age regressions. You have direct access to the subconscious attitudes and feelings that shape your unwanted behaviour and with the guidance of the therapist you are in the perfect position to change them.

Once the underlying reason of the problem has been identified, suggestions are used to help you untie the subconscious knot and free you to live a healthier, more productive life. Old negative thought patterns are replaced by positive suggestions, which, in turn, would put you on the road to a well, emotionally balanced and mature individual.

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About hypnotherapy - in a nutshell...

Hypnotherapy is a tool we use to access negative emotional memories and re-process them with the benefit of maturity and objective logic in order to achieve the therapeutic objectives. It helps achieve more profound, longer term benefits, usually in less therapy sessions than would have been the case without the benefit of hypnotherapy.
Dr Lorna Geer
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Last updated on 10 May 2017
Counselling Psychologist
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