Fundamental Intensive Training in Medical Hypnoanalysis

In this Fundamental course the definition, objectives and philosophy of Medical Hypnoanalysis will be discussed. An explanation of the therapeutic process and how it relates to psychotherapy will follow with examples to outline the structure and perspective of the analytical phase of the Medical Hypnoanalysis model.

The psychotherapeutic foundation of the Medical Hypnoanalysis model will be introduced and the role of ego strengthening in the form of scripts will be outlined. The way to phrase suggestions to have maximum impact on the subconscious mind will be demonstrated. The rank order of life's priorities will be introduced with examples to understand the subconscious mind's reason for choosing certain symptoms. Understanding this will assist the psychologist in the diagnostic process to deal with psychological issues promptly and cost effectively. The different Medical Hypnoanalysis syndromes will be discussed and outlined with examples. Knowledge of these syndromes in association with the rank order of life's priorities will be of great importance to the psychologist in the diagnostic process. The theoretical basics of the triple allergenic theory in association with the origin of emotional problems will assist the psychologist in identifying the origin of a client's problems. The way in which Medical Hypnoanalysis shortens the therapeutic process of psychotherapy will be explained.

All the above knowledge will be incorporated in the skill of history taking. Psychologists will learn how important listening and writing skills are in the diagnostic process of Medical Hypnoanalysis. The attention will be focused on the preliminary information and non verbal communication of the client before the client's story is heard. The way in which the client tells his/her story will be recorded verbatim by the psychologist, together with the non verbal communication. Special attention will be given to the interpretation of these aspects. The expanded history of the client will fill the gaps and participants will be ready to make the Conscious Diagnosis and create therapy goals.

Finally time will be spent explaining the ethics of video recordings as well as the desirability of sharing information gathered during hypnosis sessions with the client and third parties.
Dr Lorna Geer
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Last updated on 15 Jan 2018
Counselling Psychologist
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