Do I need hypnotherapy?

If you are tired of experiencing any of the following; hypnotherapy could change your life forever:

• Feeling out of control, stressed and burnt out
• Scared of new situations
• Feeling anxious and down
• Constantly worried and feeling that you are not good enough
• Relationships in a mess
• Low self-confidence, self-esteem and self-image keeping you from reaching you full potential
• Pre-conceived ideas and negative attitudes a ball and chain keeping you back
• Life weighing you down and in need of self-improvement
• Using food, substance abuse, work to help you cope with life and relationship challenges
• Not getting enough sleep and never being able to wake up fully rested and recuperated
• Difficulty concentrating, focusing and remembering
• Fear of public speaking, test anxiety

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Do I need hypnotherapy - in a nutshell...

Hypnotherapy helps achieve more profound, longer term benefits, usually in less therapy sessions than would have been the case without the benefit of hypnotherapy.

But - if you would rather not, the conventional approaches are still available.
Dr Lorna Geer
Copyright 2017
Last updated on 10 May 2017
Counselling Psychologist
Centurion, Pretoria