Verstaan jou tiener se streke
Article in Rooi Rose: June 2017 - Dr Lorna Geer is interviewed by Rooi Rose reporter Mariette Snyman about the changes happening in the teenage brain, and how they influence or cause behaviour that often leaves us of older generations speechless.

Hipnoterapie - antwoorde uit jou onbewuste

Article in Rooi Rose: October 2009 - Dr Lorna Geer explains hypnotherapy to Rooi Rose reporter Mariette Snyman. The article includes an interview with a client who describes her experience with medical hypnotherapy.

Wiskunde en die wrede werklikheid
Deonette de Kock's article in Rooi Rose: October 2013 deals with maths challenges and among others maths anxiety

Gewig - kry jou onbewuste aan jou kant
Article in Rooi Rose: April 2012 - Dr Lorna Geer chats with Rooi Rose reporter Mariette Snyman about the role the sub-conscious mind can play in weight gain and weight loss programmes.

Jou kind se selfbeeld
Article in Rooi Rose: November 2014 deals with how parents help strengthen their child's self image.

Hoekom lei toets-angs tot swakker punte?
Video explaining in simple terms why test or exam anxiety often leads to worsening in academic performance.

Basics First toets-angs en studiemetode program vir wiskunde en wetenskap -
A program designed to help learners deal with test or exam anxiety, and healthy study methods for scientific subjects.

Breaking out of the anxiety cycle
A short explanation of how anxiety can become a self-sustaining and ever-worsening cycle.

'n Baarmoeder vol broosheid
Article in Rooi Rose: July 2013 - Mariette Snyman (winner of the Pfizer Mental Health Journalism Award 2012/2013) writes about the effects of an expecting mother's emotions, experiences and feelings on her unborn fetus and how it influences them after birth

My maat kry terapie - uitweg of waagstuk?
Article in Rooi Rose: May 2010 - Dr Lorna Geer explains some of the dynamics that sometimes arise between partners when one of them undergoes therapy to Rooi Rose reporter Mariette Snyman.

Kuberchondrie - daar is hulp
Article in Rooi Rose: June 2012 - Dr Lorna Geer explains cyberchondria (anxiety concerning the state of one's health, brought on or intensified by visiting websites), its origins and its treatments to Mariette Snyman.

Liefde oor die ouderdomsgrens
Rooi Rose: August 2015 article on marriages between people with a significant age difference.
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